Community Education Project (CEP) at Kathmandu University (KU)

The Project named ‘Kathmandu University Community Education Project’ (KU CEP) intends to reach to the rural communities through the university outreach programme in the field of education, community development and business incubation. The project is a partnership between Kathmandu University (KU) and Himal Partner, and was started in 2010 (planning) and implemented in its pilot phase in 2011-2012. It has been further extended within the period of 2013-2016, through a widening scope of activities and geographical areas with funding through Himal Partner.
KU wishes with this project to expose the university students and faculty members to rural environment, partly to enhance the students’ understanding of the rural living conditions. They wish to enhance the student’s motivation for service in rural communities after their graduation. And the long term presence of the university is also intended to benefit the local communities in terms of development of small businesses enterprises and community services. Such kind of services are planned and undertaken in close cooperation with local communities and partners who are already working in the target areas. At the very start, three target areas were identified (Tamakoshi, Langtang and Dolpa) for the outreach centres, through various surveys and baseline studies.
This project cooperation between KU and Himal Partner is founded on a well-established collaboration from mid 1990s with various engineering programs at the undergraduate level, developing laboratories and libraries,facilitating qualitative study and research to the faculties and students, and finally assisting to start graduate level education. During their study period, students and faculties have been exposed to the rural community in order to use their academic knowledge for the benefit of the communities. It is an unfortunate fact that many rural communities are lagging far behind the mainstream population in development and living standard. KU’s community education programs are oriented towards those people and communities, and are at present in a expansion phase through addition of the ‘Resource Centre for Innovation People and Energy’ (RECIPE), another joint collaborative of KU and Himal Partner, and the establishment of a vocational skills training programme(Technical Training Centre).

Project goal:
The students’ and faculties’ at Kathmandu University gain interest from involvement in development of rural Nepal to the extent that it reduces the brain-drain from Nepal and contributes to making model communities in the areas of the outreach centers.

Expected results
• Capacity building/organizational development
• KU contributes with services to benefit the local communities, incubate business which will use local resources.
• The community based projects from the students (faculty as a supervisor) of KU will benefit the communities.

Target group
The target group of KU is the students/faculties. By improving their capacity, increasing their understanding, giving those tools for action, the target group who are poor, children, underprivileged and women will get their lives improved.