Influencing Business Houses, School and Government Offices to Be IT-Based at Charikot

Place: Charikot

Date of Conduction: 15 August-19 August 2016

What we did?

BBIS Students involved in different activities in Community under Community Education Project. They went different business houses, schools and government school around Charikot. Their main mission was to identify the problems facing by these organizations to run their office IT-Based. As it was a rural based town the implication of IT in their work was very hard. Moreover the area was also affected by the great earthquake. The students went almost every organization to identifying their problems and suggested them the possible solution of the problems. Their suggestion included different software used for the offices, their uses, possible software and hardware problems etc.

Moreover they also visited different places for their recreational purposes during their free time. They all reported to the supervisor every day about their finding, possible solution, immediate and further action, etc.

How we did?

They are divided in to four groups so that they can be available in every place proportionally. They make interview schedules for every office and get interview with them in the very first day about  the problem identification. They consulted to the supervisor and program coordinator for the further activities. They then involved with the possible solution for their problems. Some of them gave presentation to the students about business and IT relation and presentation skills.

Why we did?

As Tamakoshi valley was destructed during earthquake and many of the offices, schools and business houses drew back from their IT based activities. The BBIS students mostly engaged for the betterment for the customer client relation to the offices. They could help them at least about their system objectively or in the name of suggestion. Moreover we did this because to make the business houses to be known about IT and its uses. With the small effort of our could make big changes in their day to day activities so they could easily complete their work .In conclusion it helps in the community and the local people in easy way of dealing each other.