Centre for Excellence in Production and Transportation of Electrical Energy (CEPTE/KU)

KU-HHF Energy-Research, Development and Consulting Unit
School of Engineering, Kathmandu University

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The Centre for Excellence in Production and Transportation of Electrical Energy (CEPTE) is an energy-research, development and consulting unit of School of Engineering situated within the main campus of Kathmandu University. CEPTE’s main ambition is to make the KU internationally known in clean energy technology and especially in making excellence in hydropower engineering. This ambition was set forth in the Memorandum of Understanding between KU and Happy House Foundation (HHF), Switzerland signed by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. S. R. Sharma and HHF representative Prof. Dr. J. C. Badoux on May 9, 2004. Under this agreement, seven fellowships were attributed to seven responsible faculties of KU in order to enrich teaching, research, development and consulting at KU. One of the main concerns of CEPTE is to integrate all those R&D activities undertaken by departments of School of Engineering and to develop it as a strong energy research institution at KU through networking among stakeholders and fund raising for its sustainability. CEPTE’s strength depends on close collaborative efforts of all faculties, TAs, RAs and HHF fellows and strong networking between them for mutual benefit as well as benefit to KU at large. CEPTE and its fellows supported by HHF are to strengthen the Departments of School of Engineering as well as also support R&D and education in collaboration with other Schools of KU.


To become the centre of excellence in alternative energy research in the South-Asian Region particularly focusing its activities in hydropower research.


To establish basic and applied research-culture at KU in production and transport of electricity using alternative energy technologies having various capacities’


• To support and continue existing energy research works carried at two departments of School of Engineering as well as to initiate more focused research on hydropower development.
• To be established as a think tank institution in Hydropower Development.









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