manish Dr. Manish Pokharel (
Head of Department
Area of Interests: E-Government, Software Reliability, Cloud Computing, Fault Tolerance System, Big Data

Associate Professors

kharel Dr. Purusottam Kharel (
Area of Interests: e-Governance, Software Engineering, Policy
Dr. Bal Krishna Bal (
Area of Interests: Software Localization, Natural Language Processing, Language Specialization, Social Computing 
Dr. Gajendra Sharma
Area of Interests: e-Government, e-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Big Data, IT Security, IT Adoption and Design, Strategic Management of IT

Assistant Professors

manoj Manoj Shakya (
Area of Interests: Digital Learning, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing
pankaj Pankaj Raj Dawadi (
Area of Interests: Image Processing and Computer Vision
rabindra Dr. Rabindra Bista (
Personal Details
Area of Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks, Software Engineering
blank Santosh Khanal (
Area of Interests: Intelligent Systems
sushilshrestha Sushil Shrestha (
Area of Interests: Knowledge Engineering, e-Learning, Data Mining, Human Computer Interaction, Data Science, Information System
Dhiraj Shrestha (
Area of Interests: Engaged Learning, ICT4D, Computer Graphics,Trust Negotiation in P2P
blank Sushil Nepal (
Area of Interests: Network Security, Cognitive Science


blank Sameer Tamrakar (

Area of Interests: Cloud Computing, Load Balancing in High Performance Computing

Satyendra Lohani Satyendra Lohani (
Area of Interests: Smart Grid, ICT and Sustainable Energy
Dr. Rajani Chulyadyo Dr. Rajani Chulyadyo (
Machine Learning, Data Mining

Teaching Assistant

 blank Mr. Anmol Paudel (
Area of Interests: Parallel and Distributed Computing

Lab Technicians

blank Anuj Barma
blank Rajendra Banjara
Visiting Professors


Professor Dr. Magne Jorgenson


Prof. Dr. Emilia Mendes


Prof. Dr. Stein Grimstad