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  1. Bharat Bahadur Thapa, Deterministic and Stochastic Holling-Tanner Prey-Predator Models, October 2018 (Jointly supervised with Dr. Samir Shrestha, KU)
  2. Anup Tuladhar, Mathematical Model for HIV Epidemic in Far Western Nepal due to Seasonal Male Labor Migration to India, August 2018 (Jointly supervised with Dr. Naveen K Vaidya, San Diago State University, USA)
  3. Arun Kumar Bhandari, Variational iteration method for diffferential equations and its application to sove Pennes bioheat transfer equation, November 2017.
  4. Gauri Bhuju, Dynamical study of impact of temperature on spreading of malaria disease, September 2017.
  5. Hari Prasad Gnawali, Maximal monotone operators and some applications, September 2017.
  6. Purna Prasad Sharma, Finite difference scheme of one dimensional Pennes' bioheat equation and its stability analysis, August 2017.
  7. Shiva Hari Subedi, A mathematical study of effect of humidity on skin temperature, August 2017.
  8. Mina Gumanju, A mathematical study of Urea concentration distrubution in artificial kidney in hemodialysis, August 2017.
  9. Sharmila Shrestha, A Mathematical study on one dimensional temperature distribution in breast tissue with and without tumor, November 2016.
  10. Shiv Prasad Neupane, Stability analysis of May's general prey-predator model for two prey and two predator, November 2016. (Jointly with Dr. Dhruba Raj Adhikari, Kennesaw State University,Georgia, USA)
  11. Jagdish Gnawali, Lyapunov function for the dynamical analysis of Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model, November 2016.
  12. Chet Nath Tiwari, Existence and uniqueness of weak solution of Pennes bioheat equation, September 2016. (Jointly with Dr. Dhruba Raj Adhikari, Kennesaw State University,Georgia, USA)
  13. Bekha Ratna Dangol, A mathematical study of malaria disease dynamics, October 2015.
  14. Bal Dev Adhikari, Delay differential equation in logistic population model, October 2015.
  15. Dev Chandra Shrestha, A study on mathematical model of temperature distribution in human dermal part during physical exercise, September 2015.
  16. Ramesh Chandra Timsina, Chemostat model analysis for growth of microorganism in limiting substrate, June 2015.
  17. Arjun Adhikari, SIR model on transmission dynamics of infectious diseases, June 2015.
  18. Prem Gurung, FEM approach for vertically atmospheric pollutant distribution with dry deposition and gravitational settling velocity, July 2014.
  19. Parameshwari Kattel, Dynamics of Quasi-three dimensional and two – phase mass flows, February 2014 (As co-supervisor).
  20. Khim Bahadur Khattri, Sub-diffusive and sub-advective viscous fluid flows in debris and porous media, February 2014 (As co-supervisor).
  21. Puskar Raj Pokhrel, General Phase – Eigenvalues for two-phase mass flows: Supercritical and subcritical states, February 2014 (As co-supervisor).
  22. Jeevan Kafle, Dynamic Interaction between a two-phase submarine landslide and a fluid reservoir, February 2014 (As co-supervisor).
  23. Siddhi Prasad Pradhananga, Mathematical study of drug distribution in dermal layers in transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS), November 2013.
  24. Ganga Ram Phaijoo, Mathematical study of blood flow characteristics during catheterization in stenosed artery, November 2013.
  25. Hem Raj Pandey, Analytical and numerical approximation solution of one dimensional Bio-heat transfer equation, October 2013.
  26. Buddhi Prasad Sapkota, Mathematical model for indoor air pollutant distribution with various air flow rate from ventilation, September 2012.
  27. Kabita Luitel, Use of modified Bessel’s function for the analytic solution of Bio-heat transfer equation, October 2012.
  28. Saraswati Acharya, Temperature distribution model on the five layers of dermal parts, June 2011.


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