Graduate Academics

Year 2018-2022

School of Science
Graduate Master of Science (Environmental Science)
Master in Pharmacy
M.S by Research (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
MS by Research (Biotechnology)
MS by Research (Environmental Science)
MS by Research (Physics)
M.Phil.(Environmental Science)
M.Phil. (Chemistry)
M.Phil (Physics)
School of Engineering
Graduate Master of Engineering in Electrical Power Engineering
Master of Engineering in Communication Engineering
Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Master of Planning and Operation of Energy Systems
Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Master of Technology in IT (M.Tech. in IT)
Master in Land Administration
ME Structral Engineering
MS by Research in Any Department (Contact Department or School)
School of Education
Graduate Master of Education in Math
Multidisciplinary Masters in Sustainable Development
Master of Education in Educational Management
School of Management
Graduate Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Business Administration (Executive) [EMBA]
School of Arts
Graduate Master of Arts in Music
MA in Development Studies
MA Buddhist Studies (August)
School of Medical Sciences
BSc Nursing Sheer Memorial Hospital College of Nursing, Banepa
Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu