Surendra Bhandari

Title:                   Visiting Faculty

Department:      Law

Campus:             KUSL


Dr Surendra Bhandari is Associate Professor at College of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. He is contributing 22.5 hours this year to the students of BBM,LL.B by way of lecture in the area of Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, International Law and International Business Law.

An SJD with CALI Excellence award from the University of Kansas, USA and D.Litt from the United Nations University, Bhandari is currently working as a lawyer and researcher in Nepal. He is also associated with Law Associates Nepal as an Advocate, and with Council of Thinkers Nepal as a Coordinator.

Dr. Bhandari has contributed immensely as an academician and researcher in the field of law. As an authority on legal philosophy, constitutional law, international law, and international trade and business law (particularly on the World Trade Organization), he has authored a number of articles and books, including Constitutional Design and Implementation Dynamics: Federalism and Inclusive Nation Building in Nepal (HIDR Nepal, 2016); Global Constitutionalism and the Path of International Law (Boston, BRILL, 2016); Law and State in the Globalized World: A Conceptual and Comparative Analysis (New York, Nova Publications, 2015), Self-Determination and Constitution Making in Nepal (Singapore, Springer, 2014), Asian Approaches to International Law [Co-author] (London, Routledge, 2014); Making Rules in the WTO: Free or Managed Trade? (New York, RoseDog Books, 2012); and WTO and Developing Countries (New Delhi, Deep & Deep Publications, 1998/2004), among others.