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Bachelor in Media Studies

Bachelor in Media Studies is an intensive four-year programme with the scope in final year for concentration in a chosen field of study. Besides consolidating knowledge in the discipline area, the students will get opportunities to broaden their understanding of the uses of information technology, appreciate the relevance of other allied subjects useful for media graduates, have an overview of subjects as diverse as statistics and philosophy, develop a strong base of communication skills, media literacy and an ability to carry out project works and independent researches. The programme primarily aims to produce media professionals to fulfill the increasing demand of skilled and trained human resources in media organizations and media support services, and also to meet the requirements of educational institutions, development agencies and other service sectors.

What is Media Studies?

Media Studies incorporates theories and practices in media of communication and media-related issues and puts special focus on media research. The programme concerns the media’s primary role in the cultural domain of contemporary human society. Students are also exposed to various mass communication theories. They get opportunity to develop theoretical and professional knowledge on diverse media support services including advertising and public relations.

Media Studies curriculum at KU places emphasis on learning by doing, on learning of the kinds of communication that are mediated by technology with concentration on the New Media.

Why Study Media?

Because mass communication media have a central place in social, cultural, political, economic and global upliftment of contemporary human life especially for those countries which have entered or are seeking to enter the age of information society, mass media provide wide career opportunities.

And, since the traditional media of communication are today complemented by new technologies, a new generation of media professionals is required to work in this converging atmosphere. We want to prepare human resources with skills and knowledge to thrive in the ever-changing competitive environment.

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For Contact:
Department of Languages and Mass Communication
School Of Arts, Kathmandu University
Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal
P. O. Box: 6250, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-1- 5251294 / +977-1-5251306

Email: media.hattiban@ku.edu.np;
URL: www.ku.edu.np