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Tender Notice for Stone works for monument

isms | 06 May, 2016 09:28

Tender Notice for Renovation of Column at KUSOM

isms | 06 May, 2016 09:26

Tender Notice for Floor Finishing & Electric works - KUSOM

isms | 06 May, 2016 09:22

Notice for Computer Supply - 6 May 2016

isms | 06 May, 2016 09:06

Agreement of Intent between KU and SU

isms | 06 May, 2016 06:50

Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, the Vice-Chancellor of KU and Prof. Dr. Xie Heping, President of Sichuan University (SU), China signed an Agreement of Intent on 27 April 2016 for the duration of five years.


In accordance with this Agreement, cooperation between the two universities shall be carried out through such activities as:

a. Exchange of faculty/staff
b. Exchange of undergraduate students
c. Joint training of postgraduates
d. Joint research activities and publications
e. Participation in seminars and academic meetings
f. Exchange of academic materials and other information
g. Special short-term academic and professional programs
h. Office space to be provided for joint programs at both universities

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