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Invitation for Participation in MIND EDUCATION CAMP

editorial | 08 March, 2017 08:01

Program Details:

Date: 8-9 March 2017.

Venue: C.V. Raman Auditorium, Kathmandu University

Timings: From 1 PM - 5PM (4 hours).

Registration: Free Entry for all.

Program Schedule:

8 March 2017

1:00~1:10 - Introduction & Opening.

1:10~1:40 – Spot Activities. (Making value name card by Ms. Eun Hee Lee)

1:40~3:10 – Mind Lecture on Power of step. (By Ms. Min Jung Lee)

3:10~4:40 – Mind Recreation. (Inside Out by Recreation Team)

4:40~5:10 – Presentation. (Mind Tree by Ms. Eun Hee Lee)


9 March 2017

1:00~1:10 - Introduction & Opening.

1:10~1:40 – Spot Activities. (Moving paper by straw by Ms. Eun Hee Lee)

1:40~3:10 – Mind Lecture on Design your Mind. (By Ms. Min Jung Lee)

3:10~4:40 – Mind Recreation. (Design your Mind by Recreation Team)

4:40~5:10 – Presentation. (Window panning by Ms. Eun Hee Lee)



International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is the World’s largest Organization dedicated to the intellectual and emotional growth of young people around the world. Our training helps the youth transcend their limitations so that they can set a solid foundation for leadership. IYF has joined hands with many like-minded organizations that believe in change through training and education. Its ultimate vision is to realize a brighter and healthier society with the motto of Change, Challenge and Cohesion.

IYF has been affiliated with IMEI (International Mind Education Institute) in order to give hope in the hearts of the youth to face the competitive world. IMEI is the world’s best mind education institute providing a professional mind education program and excellent instructors. IMEI helps young people who are the future of our nation to set the purpose and value of life. It offers a customized education for various groups like schools, military bases and businesses. The vision of IMEI is providing strong mindset, self-disciple and challenging spirit in order to have change in individual youths.


  • To allow the educators in this generation those who are in need to have a proper sense of value and a clean heart through this true education.
  • To improve the quality, as an expert educator that can nurture a leader of the next generation who has a global sense of humble and sincere character.
  • To prepare a mind that overcomes one’s limit and frame to do new challenge for infinite possibilities.
  • To instilling a healthy mindset that allows students to break free from themselves and experience true change in their lives.
  • To broaden the hearts & minds of students to come together to share their hearts with others & uniting under one spirit of Cohesion.
  • To raise leaders of next generation to overcome Challenges and Limitations.

Main Programs

Performances: The Mind camp provides the platform for special performances.

Mind Recreation: Mind recreation is a set of activities deigned to creatively encourage the participants to think about the lecture practically to understand the lecture concepts it aids them to permanently imprint the message delivered.

Mind Lecture: Mind Lectures is to strengthen the hearts of students who fall easy prey to various addictions, depression and suicidal tendencies although they live in comfortable circumstances. Through these lectures many students learn about true self- control that arises from the change of the heart.

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