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Application Call: KU Business Incubatiion Center

editorial | 04 May, 2018 16:35


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Announcement: MIT Global Startup Lab Program in Nepal

editorial | 04 May, 2018 15:35

Announcing the Inaugural

MIT Global Startup Lab Program in Nepal

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (MIT) 

in partnership with 

Kathmandu University (KU)

Powered by Ncell

June 15- August 3rd, 2018

Kathmandu, Nepal


·          Intensive 7-week bootcamp focusing on web & mobile app technology and entrepreneurship

·          The program is free to all student participants! Fully subsidized by the generous support from Ncell

·          Full-time mentorship on the group in Nepal from MIT team

·          Off site retreats and teambuilding activities

·          Networking and guest speakers from top Nepali business leaders and startups

·          Hear from MIT faculty guest lecturers and MIT community members

·          Learn new skills

§  Business & entrepreneurial thinking

§  Find out what it takes to build a startup and create your own!

§  Web app development

§  Design thinking

§  Market research, networking, and collaboration

§  Leadership and teamwork

Apply by May 13th

We are looking for 25-35 dedicated and passionate Kathmandu University students and alumni. Open to all disciplines! 

Please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/PFiPAFEJM9KU82O93

Any Questions? Email the MIT team: mitgslnepal2018@mit.edu

MIT Global Startup Labs partners with universities and companies in emerging regions and organizes advanced courses taught by MIT student/instructors. Our courses focus on mobile and Internet technologies, and are structured so that our students are awakened to the commercial possibilities of the technologies. Components of the course include detailed technical curriculum, funded business competitions, guest lectures, and networking events, all to help our students develop and realize their ideas.

More information on MIT Global Startup Labs: http://gsl.mit.edu

Why participate in this program?

1.     You get to learn how to transform an idea into a start-up and craft your own path.

2.     You shall build and extend partnerships and network with like-minded peers.

3.     You will be participating in a pitch competition where angel investors and funders will have the opportunity to invest in your start-ups.

4.     You will benefit from the coaching, mentorship and expertise from top-notch MIT resources and all this for FREE.



Entrepreneurship component: The MIT GSL student instructors guide local participants – using real-world experience – in developing a mobile services startup. The entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to encourage creativity and participation from students. MIT GSL student instructors do not cover traditional business topics but instead focus on the stages of a technology startup: team building, ideation, pitching, engaging investors, networking, publicity, marketing, and intellectual property.

Technical component: The MIT GSL student instructors help local participants gain experience using real-world platforms.  The exact curriculum is dependent on the entry capacity of the students.  If students are strong programmers, the technical curriculum can begin with advanced mobile and internet platforms.  Otherwise, course instructors may have to focus on building a solid foundation of object-oriented programming.  We prefer students enter the program with strong software development skills. 


Announcement on Guidance and Counseling

editorial | 04 May, 2018 12:40

The Guidance and Counseling Cell announces an initiation of Counseling Services at the Main Campus premises. Use the Counseling opportunity and grow healthy, happy and productive.

What Counseling is:

Counseling is about helping you understand yourself and your situation and make some changes if you feel ready to do so.

Counseling takes place because you want it yourself or someone suggests that you need it. However, counseling works better when you take it on your own.

Counseling takes place when you decide and number of sessions depends upon the complexity of your problem.

Counseling helps at three levels: it helps you do better than you are doing now, it helps you prevent yourself from possible psychological hazards, and it helps solve problems if there are any. Hence, every individual can take counseling.

Meeting with a counselor gives you an opportunity to explore the problems or concerns in some depth in safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment. By listening closely, counselor begins to help you see the issues more clearly and together you can make up new and different choices about how to deal with the things in future.

In each session, counseling helps you see yourself, your future and the world more realistically on the basis of different psychological perspectives but without passing any suggestions and advices.

Each session of counseling gives you an opportunity to talk about bottled up feelings and express and accept these feelings without being overwhelmed by them.

What Counseling is for:
  • Feeling low energy, lonely, helpless, hopeless and suicidal 
  • Low self esteem, confidence and poor self image
  • Feeling stressed, anxious,  irritated and overwhelmed
  • Aggression, guilt, shame, and thought problems (negative thinking)
  • Relationship concerns: conflicts, separation and adjustment problems
  • Social isolation/ shyness/ fearfulness/ performance anxiety
  • Substance use and dependency, behavioral problems
  • Academic concern: poor study habit, low achievement and poor performance
  • Career Concerns
  • Sexual concerns
  • Grief and loss
What are the services available?

1.      Guidance on academic concerns and career issues

2.      Counseling for emotional, behavioral and relationship issues

3.      Referral

Who are to contact?

Mr. Madhav Khatiwada, Lecturer and Counselor, 9841725698

Dr. Hem Raj Kafle, HMU Coordinator, 9801670057

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