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Tender Notice for Equipment Supply

isms | 28 May, 2018 14:57

काठमाडौं विश्वविद्यालय
शिलबन्दी बोलपत्र(Tender)को सूचना
(प्रथम पटक प्रकाशित मिति२०७५।०२।१५ )
 यस विश्वविद्यालय, स्कूल अफ साइन्स, Department of Environmental Science & Engineering को लागि निम्न Equipments.
  1.  Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) System- 1               
  2.  Portable particle & temperature sensor with software-2                           
  3.  Kjeldahl combined digestion & distillation unit-1                                 
  4.  Lab-scale simulation set-up of cyclone for air pollution control-1          
  5.  Water bath for BMT(Biomethane Test) -1                                           
  6.  Closed reflux COD digester set-1 
  7.  Refrigerator -1 
  8.  Double distillation plant -1 
  9.  Particulate monitor with meteorology-1 
  10.  Total station system for surveying -1 
खरिद गर्नु पर्ने हुदा इच्छुक रजिष्टर्ड फर्म र कंपनिहरुले विश्वविद्यालयको website, www.ku.edu.np मा उल्लेख गरिए बमोजिमको कागजातहरु संलग्न राखि २०७५।०२।१५ मा प्रथम पटक कान्तिपुर दैनिक पत्रिकामा प्रकाशित भएको मितिले १५ दिन भित्र यस विश्वविद्यालयमा गोप्य शिलबन्दि बोलपत्र (छुट्टा छुट्टै Items हरुको पनि) पेश गर्न  सम्बन्धित सबैको जानकारिको लागि यो सूचना प्रकाशित गरिएको छ । बोलपत्र फाराम रु १०००।— (एकहजार) पछि फिर्ता नहुने गरी नेपाल इन्भेष्टमेण्ट बैंक बनेपा शाखा, काभ्रेमा रहेको यस विश्वविद्यालयको खाता ब.हि.नं. ००५०१०३०२५०००९ मा जम्मा गरेको सक्कल भौचर संलग्न साथ, केन्द्रिय कार्यालय धुलिखेलबाट  लिन सकिने छ ।
स्कूल अफ साइन्स, काठमाडौं विश्वविद्याालय, धुलिखेल, काभ्रे
आवस्यक कागजातहरु:
  • रजिष्टर्ड फर्म कंपनिको प्रमाण पत्रको प्रतिलिपि    
  • सामानहरुको (VAT सहित) मूल्य       
  • नविकरणसहितको फर्म दर्ता प्रमाणपत्रको प्रतिलिपि                                                                 
  • मूल्यअभिबृद्धि कर दर्ता प्रमाणपत्रको प्रतिलिपि तथा पछिल्लो पटक (२०७३ / ७४) को कर चुत्ता गरेको प्रामण पत्रको प्रतिलिपि
  • Authorized Dealership प्रमाणपत्रको प्रतिलिपि ।   
काठमाडौं विश्वविद्याालय, धुलिखेल, काभ्रे
पो. ब.नं.  ६२५०
फोनः ०११ ४१५१००
फ्याक्सः ०११ ४१५०११
email: procurement@ku.edu.np 

Result of the Vacancies at TTL

isms | 28 May, 2018 09:48

Result of the Vacancies at TTL [Click here for detail...]

Admission Announcement for BBIS @ Central Campus

editorial | 28 May, 2018 09:40

Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) announces admission to its four-year Bachelor of Business Information System (BBIS) Program (Batch 2018), which is being run in the morning shift at the Main Campus, Dhulikhel.

For admission, applicants are required to qualify in KUUMAT, Analytical Writing Test, and Interview.

BBIS is open to Nepali and non-Nepali nationals with:

·        A 10+2 or Intermediate Degree or equivalent of at least two-year duration in any discipline with a minimum of 50 percent in aggregate or CGPA of 2 on the scale of 4 from boards recognized by Kathmandu University

·        For A-Level students, the eligibility requirements are three Advance courses with minimum 50 percent scores in aggregate and also an English paper which will not be counted in calculating score

Application forms are available at Humanities and Management Unit (HMU), KU, Dhulikhel, and KU School of Management (KUSOM), Lalitpur.  Those who have passed Class XI (with minimum 50% marks) and are waiting for Class XII results can apply for provisional admission.

Highlights of the Program:

  • An IT-Focused Four-Year program in Management
  • Electives, Internships and Projects in IT-related fields
  • Opportunity to carry out Masters in Information Technology, KU
  • Few partial scholarships for needy students with sound academic background and potential
Humanities and Management Unit
School of Engineering, Dhulikhel, Kavre
Phone: 011-415001; 011-415021 (ext. 1103)
Email: hmu@ku.edu.np


FoP Conducted a Two-day HYLB Leadership Training

isms | 28 May, 2018 08:56

Forum For Pharmacy (FoP), the Departmental club of Pharmacy, successfully organised a two-day HYLB Leadership Training on 25th and 26th May 2018 at Kathmandu University, Central Campus, Dhulikhel, Kavre. The program was organized in collaboration with Team NEPO (Native Enthusiastic Peoples Organization) and Habitat for Humanity Nepal. The materials and training package was designed jointly by Centre for Creative Leadership and Habitat for Humanity Nepal and brought to KU by Team NEPO. Assist. Prof. Dr. Rajani Shakya, Acting Head, Department of Pharmacy and Assist. Prof. Dr. Rajan Shrestha, Staff Coordinator of Forum For Pharmacy, welcomed the participants and the facilitators. Dr. Shakya gave an opening remark and highlighted on importance of this type of program for capacity building  of young people. Read More...



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