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MoU Signed between KU and NIC

isms | 24 June, 2018 09:12

Kathmandu University School of Science (KUSOS) signs a Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific Research and Technology Innovation with the Rastriya Awiskar Kendra (NIC-National Innovation Centre) on 22nd June 2018 at the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University. Signing on behalf of KUSOS, Professor Subodh Sharma, Dean of School of Science said this cooperation will help in supporting students and faculty of School of Science to obtain research support for innovative works. Signing on behalf of NIC, Mr. Mahabir Pun appeal all present to convey message to the students communities and faculty members that there is no dearth of funding support for promoting innovative ideas. This cooperation shall be pursued in, but not limited to the following areas;

Manufacturing technology: Unmanned Aerial Systems, commonly referred to as ‘drones’ for use in the delivery of medical supplies - more specifically referred to as “medical drones”- in remote villages; Incubator for new born babies, who are at risk when they born)

Value adding product: Agricultural products such as ginger, fibre, etc. or from naturally available materials such as medicinal plants;

Improvement of technology: Electric Vehicle (EV), commonly referred to as e-rikshaw for the use in the Tarai of Nepal, biogas plants, photovoltaic panels, solar cells, etc.;

Environment technology: Biomass, water treatment, organic agriculture, recycling;

Innovative education: Education for people with disability; professional training, STI policy cooperation.



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