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Dr. Pyakurel Presented in International Sociological Association Congress

editorial | 27 July, 2018 10:04

Dr. Uddhab Pyakurel, Assistant Professor at School of Arts, presented a paper titled "From Monarch to Republic: Power, Representation and Marginalised Communities in Nepal" in the International Sociological Association Congress held in Toronto, Canada from during 15-21 July 2018.

Speaking as a panelist for the session on Democracy, Power and Violence in South Asia, Dr. Pyakurel stated that “new Nepal” with federalism, secularism and inclusiveness tried to address the problems faced by minorities and marginalized groups of the country. He provided an overview of the socio-political changes that took place in Nepal within three decades, after 1990s and stated that the big challenge for Nepal today is to make political elites of the country realize that Nepal is a democracy, and there is no space for any kind of authoritarianism.

Other panelists in the session were from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.




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