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International Symposium Organized by Turbine Testing Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering

isms | 21 March, 2013 04:42


   Current Research in Hydraulic Turbines, CRHT-II

    International Symposium, Organized by

         Turbine Testing Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering,

Kathmandu University


Turbine Testing Lab has organized an International Symposium on "Current Research in Hydraulic Turbines, CRHT-II" on the occasion of its first anniversary. This symposium was the continuation of the first Symposium organized on 23 March 2010.

The scope of Symposium was focused at PhD and Masters Students thesis works related to Hydro turbines. However, R&D activities related to hydro power in general have also been covered. The main objective of this symposium was to bring young researchers working in hydropower sector to a common platform to share their research experiences and also develop networking for future endeavors.


Date: 19 March 2013, Tuesday

Venue: C.V. Raman Auditorium, KU, Dhulikhel, 

Time: 9:00 am onwards

Presenters’ Information:






Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway






Kathmandu University, Nepal








Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden



United Kingdom

University of LEEDS

Researcher at PEEDA





Activity Summary:

A one day international Symposium on “Current Research in Hydraulic Turbines, CRHT-II” organized by Turbine Testing Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering on 19th March 2013, on the occasion of its first anniversary, was accomplished efficaciously with huge applaud from all the participants and presenters. The program started at 9:30 am with the welcome speech by Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa, Dean of School of Engineering, Kathmandu University. Prof. Thapa talked about challenges faced during the planning and construction period of the lab and also assured to implement the outputs of research into business in coming years. He welcomed all the participants and presenters from different universities with deep gratitude.

The welcome speech was followed by program overview by Mr. Biraj Singh Thapa, Symposium coordinator, Assistant Professor and Faculty-In-Charge, TTL. He highlighted the facts and features of Turbine Testing Lab, Kathmandu University. He also talked about the ongoing research projects at Lab and the recent accomplishments made, in his presentation.

The symposium was inaugurated by Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, Vice-Chancellor, Kathmandu University. In his inaugural speech, he shared his amusing experience in his field and inspired every participants and presenters present in the auditorium. He urged the young researchers to take the problems as challenges and convert them into opportunities. He also assured that as the team leader the university he will not leave a sing stone unturned to achieve the goals and objective of KU. He also extended his warm wishes and greetings and wished for the success of the symposium.

After the brief inauguration session, the first round of presentation session was instigated. The presentation session was attention-grabbing and remarkable with diverse group of presenters present in the symposium. A total of 25 presentations were made of which 13 presentations were made by the students from Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, 10 presentations were made by students from Kathmandu University, 1 presentation was by Master level student, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and 1 presentation was by researcher at PEEDA.

The first session of presentation was chaired by Dr. Hari Prasad Neopane, Associate Professor, Kathmandu University. He is an expert in Hydraulic Turbine Design and sediment erosion. Presenter Peter Joachim Gogstad started the session with his presentation on the topic “Pressure Pulsations in Francis Turbine”, PhD candidate, NTNU.

At the end of the session I the Chairman summarized all the presentations. And a brief question and answer session was followed, in which the audience came up with very interesting questions and made the information sharing more effective.

Session II was chaired by Mr. Brijesh Adhikary, Acting HOD of Electrical Engineering Department, Kathmandu University who is also the project leader in a mini grid design project and project coordinator in Community Education Pilot Project.  This session started with the presentation of PhD Candidate at KU, Mr. Laxman Poudel on the topic “Study on sediment characterization & its impact on hydraulic Turbine Material”.

The third and last session was chaired by Dr. Bibek Baral, Associate Professor, Kathmandu University. His area of research is renewable energy particularly in Bio- Energy. And this session started with another PhD candidate at KU, Mr. Krishna Prasad Shrestha on the topic “Design of Francis Turbine Runner against Sediment Erosion”.

The last presenter of the day was Oystein Sveinsgjerd Hveem and he discussed about different governing systems used in the hydro power operation. At the end of the session III, Chairperson Dr. Bibek Baral summarized the session and coordinated the question answer session.

A short closing program was organized after the completion of session III. Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering delivered his closing remarks with his expectations that the objectives were achieved and message from this symposium will be taken back to home country by international participants. Dr. Hari Neopane summarized the major issues discussed during the symposium on behalf of session chairmen. He also thanked all the participants for delivering good presentations in limited time.

The one day International symposium ended with a sense of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness among all the presenters and participants. The symposium guaranteed the extension of knowledge and was formally closed by Registrar, Prof. Bhadraman Tuladhar, KU with hope to reduce energy crises in the future.

After the completion of the seminar, the students from NTNU and major participants were taken for a short tour of university departments and laboratories.

Program Schedule

ArtEngineering Workshop has been conducted at Kathmandu University on 15 March 2013

isms | 20 March, 2013 09:49

15 March 2013

Kathmandu University


A Four-day long ArtEngineering Workshop concluded in Kathmandu University on 15 March 2013. Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering in association with the Centre for Art and Design of School of Arts of Kathmandu University organized this workshop with the main objective to develop analytical: creativeness and collaborative design concept on ART and Engineering student of KU with utilization of Metal Junks.

Registrar Prof.  Dr. Bhadraman Tuladhar inaugurated the workshop. He motivated the workshop by comparing the use of junk Pelton turbine from Khimti as a piece of art in the university premises. He also encouraged the participants to create a meaningful product using both the genre of art and engineering. He further encouraged for continuation of ArtEngineering in years to come.

Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa, Dean School Of Engineering welcomed the guests and the participants and expressed pride in being able to conduct the second edition of the workshop following a successful organization of “SAMYOJAN the new dimension - Workshop on Metal Casting by Lost Wax Method” a year before. He expressed the outcome of first edition as being successful in manufacturing a 2 KW Francis Turbine, a first of its working kind in Nepal using the Lost wax Technique. He further recommended for conducting other editions of the ArtEngineering by electrical, computer and music departments.

Associate Prof. Dr. Bim P. Shrestha discussed about the synergic combination of students from arts and engineering in designing a product. He talked about the life that Art can provide in product design; and motivated the participants for the good time at workshop.

Similarly, Mr. Biraj Singh Thapa, Faculty in charge, Turbine Testing Lab expressed his pleasure in conducting this workshop and disclosed about the previous edition using Lost Wax Metal Casting being successful in casting a Francis Turbine. In the same manner Mr. Tejesh Man Shakya, express his thought on art being only limited to dreams without engineering. He presented the use of junk metal as an art.

In total 32 students, 13 from Art and 19 from engineering participated in the workshop, were kept under the close supervision of program coordinator Krishna P. Shrestha, Instructor BhuvanThapa and Tejesh Man Shakya.

The participants got an exposure to Metal Joining processes. In addition to it, painting was also done to give the product esthetic value without losing art philosophy. The products prepared by the participants were demonstrated to the Chairperson Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju, Prof. Dr. BholaThapa, Dean, School of Engineering and Associate Prof. Dr. Bim P. Shrestha.

In the closing ceremony, Dr. Thapa expressed his delight in the products prepared in the limited time frame. He also motivated for the further edition of ArtEngineering not to be limited to Art and Mechanical department and the location of the workshop to be expanded further from university premises. Similarly, Dr. Bim P. Shrestha appreciated the participants for their works and suggested the participants to create nameplate to preserve their own art work. During the end session, the certificates were distributed to all the participants and technical team.

Photo Exhibition and Documentary Show to Commemorate Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami and to view Sakura Blossoming at Kathmandu University Garden

isms | 12 March, 2013 13:41


Photo Exhibition and Documentary Show to Commemorate Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami and to view Sakura Blossoming at Kathmandu University Garden



Date: March 11, 2013

Venue: CV Raman Auditorium

Time 2:45 to 4:15


A documentary show was held at CV Raman auditorium in Kathmandu University on March 11, Monday to commemorate the great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami that occurred near the northeast coast of Japan on 11 March 2011.

The program was started by His Excellency the ambassador of Japan to Nepal Mr. Kunio Takahashi by inaugurating the photo exhibition of the Tohuku earthquake, its immediate aftermath and the recovery effort carried out by Japanese and other oversees volunteers in last two years.

The documentary show was attended by  Excellency Mr. Kunio Takahashi, The Ambassador of Japan to Nepal, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, Founder Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, Registrar Prof. Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar, Dean of School of Science Prof. Dr. Panna Thapa, Dean at School of Engineering Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa, Chief Administrative officer  Mr. Mukunda Prasad Updhyaya, the first Secretary of the embassy of Japan in Nepal Mr. Kiyohiko Hamada and Heads different department at KU and  invited guest Dr. Tshiring Lama, Country Director of Child Reach Nepal.

More than 250 people attended the program that included students and staff of Kathmandu University.

The program started with welcome note by Mr. Parash Khadka graduate student at Department of Mechanical Engineering and a minute of silence conducted by Dr. Bim Prasad Shrestha to pay tribute to those who lost their lives exactly two years ago.

The documentary show was one of the motivating that carried a story of a fisherman; how he could succeed to recover his business within 3 months of the disaster.


Application call for interested Participants for Workshop in Art Engineering II (Utilization of Metal Junk)

isms | 08 March, 2013 04:53

Kathmandu University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Turbine Testing Lab


Subject: Application call for interested Participants for Workshop in Art Engineering II
(Utilization of Metal Junk)



Art and Engineering technology can play a leading role to provide innovating esthetic, commercial and engineering value for these junk metals. ArtEngineering II workshop will play an innovative role for making objects from junk metals through the intersection of ideas from art and engineering students. This workshop will expect to create the new horizon for the junk metals management and its effective use.

Kathmandu University, Department of Mechanical Engineering in association with Centre for Arts and Design is organizing a 4 days’ workshop titled as “Workshop on ArtEngineering-II - Utilization OF Metal Junks”. The main aim of this workshop is to educate the fusion of Metal Joining Processes applied in ART as well as in Engineering re-using the metal junk. The workshop will be conducted at Mechanical Workshop, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel from 12-15 March 2013.

Workshop on ArtEngineering-II is targeted to the students and researchers from Kathmandu University School of Engineering and Centre for Art and Design. This workshop is planned for 25 participants. Workshop will accommodate 13 students from Centre for art and Design and 12 students from Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Hereby, Department of Mechanical Engineering calls application from the interested participants. The application form and brochure can be downloaded from www.ku.edu.np/ttl or can be obtained from TTL office. The application has to be submitted to TTL office or by email to ttl@ku.edu.np no later than 10 March 2013. In case of higher number of applicants the selection will be done by the organizing committee based on the background and motivation of applicants. The list of selected participants will be published on 11 March 2013. A subsidized registration fee of NRS 500 (Five Hundred only) should be paid by all the participants to attend the workshop.


Attachments : Manifesto and Application Form

Call for Participation "Regional Training on water sanitation and hygiene (wash)

isms | 04 March, 2013 13:51



March 25th – 28th 2013


After the completion of the first phase of short training course on water sanitation and hygiene; Kathmandu University, Department of Environment Science & Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering invites application for a four days’ “Regional Training on Water Sanitation and Hygiene WASH)” from 25th to 28th March at the university premises in Dhulikhel. The training is being organized in collaboration with Water Aid in Nepal and will be facilitated by both in-house University experts and external experts from several WASH related organizations

The main objectives of this training are:

         i.            Focus on research and new as well as existing technical innovations in the WASH sector

       ii.            Further develop networking in WASH sector


Registration Fee              : Rs. 4,000/- per participant (Accomodation, field visit and closing social event)

Few scholarships also available for needy and eligible candidates


Target Participants      : Field based WASH practioners with aptitude for learning new and innovative technologies

Deadline for application     : March 19th 2013

Application should be submitted by email at:


For further enquiry contact:

Ritavrat Joshi                             : 9841490756

Biomass Stove Testing Lab      : (011)-661399 Ext. 0305 ( 9 A.M – 4 P.M)


Stay updated through http://washtrainingatku.blogspot.com


Note: The registration fee is to be paid out only after the selection of candidates is carried out by the university)



Mr. Raju Bhai Tyata, Ph. D student of Physics at the department of Natural Sciences, School of Science has published a research paper

isms | 03 March, 2013 10:08

Mr. Raju Bhai Tyata, Ph. D student of Physics at the department of Natural Sciences, School of Science has published a research paper entitled Generation of uniform atmospheric pressure argon glow plasma by dielectric barrier discharge on PRAMANA , Journal of Physics. Further details can be viewed through the link http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12043-012-0494-z

Bal Chandra Luitel Associate Professor of School of Education published a paper in Springer

isms | 28 February, 2013 09:45

Bal Chandra Luitel, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, has published a paper,  "Mathematics as an im/pure knowledge system: symbiosis, (w)holism and synergy in mathematics education" on International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. The link for the paper can be found at: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10763-012-9366-8

Vacancy Announcement for the post of Lecturers

isms | 28 February, 2013 04:52


Vacancy Announcement for the post of Lecturers


Department of Natural Sciences, School of Science, Kathmandu University is seeking candidates in the post of lecturer on contract basis for six months in the following subjects.


1. Statistics

2. Microbiology


The incumbent will be assigned courses for undergraduate level in Engineering in Applied Sciences. All interested candidates are requested to submit the written application in person with a copy of citizenship certificate, the updated CV and copies of educational certificates and testimonials of work experience in hard copy by March 4, 2013 to the following address. The candidates must have passed M. Sc. in the subject with first division preferably with dissertation.


 Office of the Dean,

School of Science,

Kathmandu University


Launching of Resource Management System(RMS) at KU

isms | 27 February, 2013 09:01

e-Learning Center, School of Engineering has launched the web portal for the Resource Management System (RMS). In the first phase, this system provides information of physical resources available at Dhulikhel Campus. It can be extended to other campuses of KU.


RMS currently provides information about the different rooms and occupancy of the rooms at different academic block available at Dhulikhel Campus. There is also facility of search and booking rooms.


RMS can be accessed through a link:


Celebration of OPEN DATA Day by KU students and Faculties

isms | 27 February, 2013 07:33

The OPEN DATA day is celebrated by organising and participating in different activities on February 23, 2013 at Kathmandu. The program was organised by Young Innovations Pvt. Ltd, The World Bank and Mozilla Foundation where as Kathmandu University, Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering; Geomatics Engineering program, Wikimedia Nepal, Institute of Engineering (IOE), Nepal Engineering College, Open Source Ascol Circle and FOSS Nepal were the co-organiser of the program. The presentations on different open data issues stall visits Mapathon, Treasurer Hunt game, Hackathon were the events organised in the day.


The Geomatics Engineering II year and III year students actively participated in these events. They were involved in editing, digitising aerial imagery and also in treasurer hunt game. Kathmandu University, Department of Civil and Geomatics engineering; Geomatics Engineering program kept stall to disseminate the information  about the various programs of  Kathmandu University, Geomatics Engineering students project and other activities carried out by the Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering.

The curious citizens, Journalist, students, scientists, graphic designers and policy makers visit the stall kept by various organisers and co-organisers. The organisers awarded certificate to the participated students in the events.

Vacancy Announcement in Technical Training Centre

isms | 26 February, 2013 10:11

Technical Training Centre

Vacancy Announcement

Technical Training center (TTC) of Kathmandu University (KU) has set the goal of providing skill oriented trainings to under privileged local youth for the enhancement of their livelihood. Currently, KU Project Implementation Unit (PIU) is developing curriculums in the areas of Automobile, Motorbike, Welding, Carpentry and Machining for 6 months, 1 year and 3 month – short course.

Under the supervision of PIU and Writing Experts, Writing Assistant will be responsible for assisting to organize and conduct workshops for curriculums, coordinating with field experts to ensure smooth operation of workshops for curriculum development.

1.     Position: Writing Assistant

2.     Duration : 4 months (Contract – based)

1)    Working hours: 9:00 ~ 16:00 (Sunday – Friday)

2)    Remuneration shall be decided upon qualifications and experiences.


Brief Job Description

1)    Gathering information on Field Experts and communicating with them throughout the curriculum development period

2)    Preparing arrangements for workshops and participating

3)    Supporting curriculum development team with logistical area

4)    Assisting to conduct workshops

5)    Drafting inputs from workshops to minutes/reports

6)    Performing any other duties as reasonably requested by the Writing Experts.

Qualification Required

o   Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering

o   Minimum of 3 years in general curriculum development work

o   A thorough understanding and knowledge of developing curriculum/short course manuals in Mechanical Engineering

o   Proven capacity to interact with Field Experts at diverse levels

o   Strong computer skills, including MS Word and Excel;

o   Proven communication skills in written and  spoken in English and Nepali


Interested applicants in the above mentioned positions are requested to send their Curriculum Vitae (In CV two references person must be mentioned) 1 passport size photograph along with attested testimonials ( transcript and mark sheet from SLC to last degree )and copy of citizenship to the following address by March 5, 2013.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for selection process.

For more details, please contact:

TTC Manager

GPO: 6250, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel no: (011) 661399 Homepage: www.ku.edu.np

Application for Postgraduate M.Sc. (Medical) Programs (Academic Year: February 2013)

isms | 25 February, 2013 07:36

click here

Application for Postgraduate MD/MS Programs (Academic Year:2013)

isms | 25 February, 2013 07:35

Click here

Vacancy Announcement for the position of Lecturer

isms | 22 February, 2013 13:32

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Kathmandu University (KU) is an autonomous, not-for-profit institution dedicated to maintain high standards of academic excellence.

KU invites application from dynamic and qualified candidates who are willing to take up teaching assignment at School of Engineering and School of Science, Dhulikhel, for the following position on contract basis:


Academic Qualification

MBA with first division + 4 year Bachelor degree in any Science and Engineering discipline

Interested applicants in the above mentioned positions are requested to send their application along with Curriculum Vitae (In CV two references person must be mentioned), 1 passport size photograph, testimonials (transcript and mark sheet from SLC to last degree ) and copy of citizenship to the following address by March 3, 2013.

Salary as per the rule of the university

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for selection process.

For more details, please contact:


Kathmandu University Dhulikhel, Kavre.

GPO: 6250, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel no: (011) 661399 Homepage: www.ku.edu.np

Annual Presentation of PhD Students of KU School of Science

isms | 22 February, 2013 03:47

KU School of Science (KUSOS) organized a half day annual presentation of PhD students on 15 February, 2013 in the C.V. Raman Auditorium, KU Central Campus, Dhulikhel, Kavre. Twenty eight (28) students who have been registered for doctoral studies in four of KUSOS academic departments (Biotec, Environmental Science, Natural Sciences and Pharmacy) presented their work progress. Present in the programme were KUSOS Research Committee members and also the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Academicians Professor Dr. Mohan Bikram Gewali and Professor Dr. Pramod Kumar Jha; representative from Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC); Professor Dr. Bhola Thapa, Dean of KU School of Engineering (KUSOE); Heads and Coordinators of KUSOS, PhD supervisors and doctoral students of KU School of Engineering. The Founding Vice Chancellor of KU Professor Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma was also present on the occasion.

Professor Dr. Panna Thapa, Dean and Chair of Research Committee of KUSOS. Chaired the session.

KUSOS has produced total of 14 PhD graduates until 2012. Out of these graduates 9 are in Environmental Science, 3 in Mathematics and 2 in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Currently 32 students are pursuing doctoral studies in KUSOS.

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