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World Water Day- 2018 held

isms | 26 March, 2018 09:46

World Water Day- 2018 Celebration

Inauguration of Rock Filter and Constructed Wetland

Innovative Water Center (IWC), Phnom Penh, Cambodia and School of Science, Kathmandu University jointly organized an one day event on 22nd March, 2018 at the Central Campus of Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre. The event was organized on the occasion of World Water Day 2018. The theme of the event this year was 'Nature for Water'. Major highlight of the celebration was Inauguration of Rock Filter and Constructed Wetland used for wastewater treatment. The pilot-scale treatment units were established as of the joint effort between IWC and School of Science to create a platform for aspiring researchers from Water and Wastewater sectors and representatives from different municipalities to share their ideas and information regarding their research activities and experiences.[Read More .....]

Notice on the Course in Advanced Nepali

editorial | 25 March, 2018 18:48

नेपाली विषयको कक्षासम्बन्धी सूचना

देशमा आगामी दिनहरूमा (क) प्रदेश तथा स्थानीय निकाय-उन्मुख रोजगारीका अवसरहरू खुल्दै जाने, (ख) समुदायकेन्द्रित भई काम गर्न सक्ने बढीभन्दा बढी योग्य र दक्ष जनशक्तिको आवश्यकता पर्ने र (ग) लोकसेवा आयोग तथा अन्य औपचारिक परीक्षाहरूमा नेपाली भाषा सहजरूपमा लेख्‍न, बोल्न र बुझ्‍न सक्ने प्राविधिक स्‍नातकहरू बढी सफल हुन सक्ने लगायतका तथ्यहरूलाई मध्यनजर गर्दै, काठमाडौँ विश्‍वविद्यालय केन्द्रीय हातामा School of Engineering, School of Science तथा BBIS कार्यक्रममा अध्ययनरत विद्यार्थीहरूका लागि प्रयोजनपरक नेपाली विषयको पठन पाठन शुरू हुने व्यहोरा जानकारी गराइन्छ।

जम्मा क्रेडिट (३२ घण्टा) पाठ्यभार भएको उक्त विषयमा मूलत: निम्‍न लिखित पाठ्यांशहरूको व्यवहारिक शिक्षणमा जोड दिइनेछ:

-        नेपाली व्याकरण तथा अभिव्यक्ति शैली

        नेपाली लेखन तथा सम्पादन

-        प्रस्ताव तथा प्रतिवेदन लेखन

-        मौखिक प्रस्तुतीकरण

-        अनुवाद कला

-        प्रतिनिधि साहित्यिक कृतिहरूको अध्ययन

यस विषयलाई Non-credit Elective Course को रूपमा प्रस्तुत गरिनेछ । पढ्न ईच्छूक विद्यार्थीहरूको संख्या कम्तीमा १५ जना भएपछि कक्षा सञ्‍चालन गरिनेछ ।  सबै तहका विद्यार्थीहरूले यो विषय लिन सक्नेछन् ।



ह्युम्यानिटिज एण्ड म्यानेजमेण्ट युनिट

फोन: 2215, 1103, 9801670057

ईमेल: hmu@ku.edu.np



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Driver Refresher Training Held

editorial | 24 March, 2018 11:42

A Driver Refresher Training was organized 24 March 2018 involving all the full-time drivers of Kathmandu University. The main subjects of the traning included: duties and responsibilities of a driver, causes of accidents, techniques of overtaking, techniques of cross-country driving, techniques of controlling a vehicle, precautions to be taken during VIP driving, qualties of the driver of VIPs, and the techniques of using GPS in a vehicle.  

The training was held in Greenwich Hotel, Lalitpur. It was facilitated by Mr. Shiva Pratap Karki, the security Incharge of the University. 




Turbine Testing Lab organized 8th International Symposium

isms | 22 March, 2018 11:50

International Symposium on CRHT VIII organized by Turbine Testing Lab

Turbine Testing Lab organized 8th International Symposium on Current Research in Hydraulic Turbines (CRHT-VIII) on 20th March, 2018 in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. CRHT is an effort of Turbine Testing Lab to create a platform for aspiring researchers from hydropower sector to share their ideas and information regarding their research activities. [more....

Turbine Testing Lab organized one day training on Advancement in turbine and hydropower technology (ATHT)

isms | 22 March, 2018 11:46

Training on “Advancement in Turbine and Hydropower Technology (ATHT)” organized by Turbine Testing Lab

Turbine Testing Lab organized one day training on “Advancement in turbine and hydropower technology (ATHT) on 21th March, 2018 in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. ATHT is a one day training program emphasized for a closed group of staffs and students working in the field of research and development of hydropower and hydro-turbines. The objective of this training program is to learn the experiences and knowledge of the experts working in the related field and later on, disseminate the ideas to a larger group. The problems discussed in this program focused on identifying and mitigating the challenges of sediments in the power plants of Indian Sub-Continent. [more.....]

Result of Vacancy Announcement in Pharmacy

isms | 21 March, 2018 15:12




Dr. Durga Bista, who has applied for the position of Lecturer on Contract for a period of six months in the field of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Care) following an announcement made on dated the 18th February 2018 by the Office of the Dean, School of Science, is notified to be successful.


Successful candidate is informed to contact the Head of the Department for needful on or before 30th March 2018 during office hours.


Successful Candidate:

(with the Average Score out of 100 marks)

1. Dr. Durga Bista – 75.33


Alternative Candidate:

(with the Average Score out of 100 marks)

1. Mr. Ananda Koirala – 53.16


Successful candidate is notified to visit in person along with Original Documents, as announced. In the event that erroneous information or invalid documents have been provided by the candidate, or do not respond to this notice on or before the given date, the candidate will be rejected and position will be offered to the Alternative Candidate.


Signed by Prof. Dr. S.Sharma

Dean, School of Science

On dated the 21th March, 2018


Special Guest Lecture at Kathmandu University

isms | 19 March, 2018 14:42

End-Semester Break closing notice of School of Engineering

isms | 19 March, 2018 14:36

Dr. Pyakurel Presented in World Social Forum, Brazil

editorial | 19 March, 2018 09:01

Dr. Uddhab Pyakurel, Assistant Professor at School of Arts, presented a paper titled "Nepal's Experience for Socio-Economic and Ecological Justice" in a conference on Community Experiences for Socio-Economic and Ecological Justice organized by Global University for Sustainability on 15 March 2018 at Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. 

Also speaking as a panelist, Dr. Pyakurel provided an overview of socio-economic and ecological situation of Nepal today and stated that ecological problem is being created in countries like Nepal not by themselves but by the intervention of the West. He argued that if the West realized the different value systems of the countries in the Global South, many problems being experienced in this part of the world would be resolved. He recommended that people living in Global South should not only overcome inferiority complex, but also assert for new evaluation criteria based on ground reality.

Other panelists were from Hong Kong, France, Brazil, India, Japan and China.

Dr. Pyakurel, who was in Brazil to attend a 5-day World Social Forum, also spoke as a commentator in various other sessions, such as Global Networks for Fareless Cities for Just Transition, Campaign for Basic Income for Cities, etc.



End-Semester Break closing notice of School of Science

isms | 18 March, 2018 13:50

Re-Notice for C.V. Raman Auditorium New roofing Quotation

isms | 16 March, 2018 15:51


Notice on the Use of Hiace Shuttle Service !!

isms | 16 March, 2018 15:36

 # Booking Link : http://elf.ku.edu.np/rms



School of Science: Notice for Interview of Faculty on Contract at Pharmacy

isms | 16 March, 2018 15:28

Following candidates who have applied for the position of Lecturer on Contract for a period of six months in the field of Pharmacy following an announcement made on February 18, 2018 by the Office of the Dean, School of Science, are SHORTLISTED FOR AN INTERVIEW as per the given details;


List of Candidates:

1.   Ankita Singh

2.   Ananda Koirala

3.   Durga Bista


Interview details:

Time: 9:30 hrs

Date: March 19, 2018 (Monday)

Venue: Room No. 201, Department of Pharmacy, Dhulikhel



School of Science


HMU to Operate Guidance and Counselling Cell

editorial | 16 March, 2018 06:42

The Humanities and Management Unit (HMU), School of Engineering, has initiated a Guidance and Counselling Cell at the main campus, Dhulikhel. The Cell is led by a full-time professional faculty Counsellor with support from a team of dedicated faculties and staffs representing various departments and programs of the University. 

The Cell will provide specialized guidance and counselling services in close collaboration with professionals in psychosocial well-being. 

HMU anticipates constant support and involvement of different departments and individuals in productive operation of the guidance and counselling services. 

For any communication on the related subject, please write to hmu@ku.edu.np .

Application Call for Fellowship to Wuhan University

isms | 15 March, 2018 15:29



Kathmandu University – World Bank Project

“Cooperation for Capacity Building Program on Education of Future Generation of Water Resources Development Professionals”


World Bank (WB) and Kathmandu University (KU) have signed an agreement to start a collaborative program entitled ‘Cooperation for Capacity Building Program on Education of Future Generation of Water Resources Development Professionals’.


Under this agreement one of the project activities is “Fellowship for Nepalese students to attend training and courses in international Universities”. The objective of this activity is to “Provide exposure and opportunity to work in international research labs and develop professional network.



Students and researchers from KU and TU will stay in Wuhan University for up to 60 days. The choice of the working group and laboratory will be made on the basis of relevant area of studies and availability of supervisors and research facility in Wuhan University.


Total Number of Fellowship: 10



Faculty in Engineering





Electrical and Electronics


Kathmandu University






Tribhuvan University







Subject Area:

The subject area of studies is applicable and not limited to following domains:

     Civil Engineering: Structures, Hydrology, Geology, Dams

     Mechanical Engineering: Design, Operation and Maintenance of Turbine, Sediment erosion

     Electrical: High Voltage, Power Transmission,

     Environmental Engineering: Environmental Impact Assessment


Eligible Criteria:

Students Pursuing Masters and PhD level at Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University and not in stage of thesis writing. Female candidates are encouraged.


Duration of Fellowship:  Maximum 2 months starting from 15 April 2018


Full funding for participation in the Program, including international and domestic travel to and in China, visa fees, accommodation, tuition fees, and daily subsistence allowance will be provided to participants.

The Program does not cover health and travel insurance for the trip and duration of time in China, nor does it provide the costs of a health check if required for the visa application.


Application Process:

Eligible applicants should email to bst@ku.edu.np with;

1.       Copy of identity (preferably Passport)

2.       Motivation letter

3.       Recommendation letter from Research Supervisor

4.       Travel permission letter from Head of Department

5.       CV

6.       1000 words essay on ‘Challenges and Opportunities in Water Resource Development in Nepal’

Incomplete application will not be processed


Application Deadline: 22nd March 2018.

Short-listed applicants for interview will be notified by 27th March 2018 with the decision from selection committee.


For Application and Detailed Information;


1.       Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa, Project Leader (KU – World Bank Project)

Email: bst@ku.edu.np

2.       Mr. Suman Dhun Shrestha, Project Coordinator (KU-World Bank Project)

Email: sumandhun@ku.edu.np


*NOTE: The decision of selection committee will be final regarding the short-listing and final recipients. Selection will be made on the basis of relevant research and academic experience.



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