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Call for Application: ERASMUS+ STAFF MOBILITY

isms | 07 October, 2018 15:45

 # Staff Mobility Call For Application

 # Application Form



Student Notice for Dashian,Tihar and Chhath - 2018 (SoE, SoSc)

isms | 07 October, 2018 11:01

Notice About SWC Election

isms | 05 October, 2018 21:29

Result - Project selection for Energize Nepal research funding support

isms | 04 October, 2018 10:40


 # Notice in pdf



Notice for 24th Convocation Ceremony

isms | 02 October, 2018 18:08


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Application Form Available at ku.graduationnp.com



Quotation Notice for Aluminium Works in Warehouse

isms | 01 October, 2018 15:52


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Admission Notice for Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering

isms | 01 October, 2018 12:35


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[Download] Document Verification and Admission Procedure Notice



Quotation Notice for Toughened Glass

isms | 30 September, 2018 11:10

Notice for Cross Border Program-Sports and Cultural Exchange

isms | 28 September, 2018 15:59

Conference Paper Presentation by Turbine Testing Lab

isms | 28 September, 2018 10:58

Conference paper presentation by Turbine Testing Lab

Two papers from Turbine Testing Lab were presented in 29th IAHR conference on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems held in Kyoto (16 – 21 September 2018). The papers were presented by Prof. Hari Prasad Neopane and Dr. Sailesh Chitrakar with the following titles respectively:

a)       Role of Turbine Testing Lab for overcoming the challenges related to hydropower development in Nepal

b)      Numerical and experimental investigation of erosion induced leakage flow through guide vanes of Francis turbine

Prof. Neopane also represented a session under the theme, ‘Sustainable Hydropower’ as the chair person. The full program detail is available in the link below:




School of Science: MSc in Physics, date of submission of application extended

isms | 27 September, 2018 13:13

This is for the general information of all those interested in building career in the field of Physics by applying for admissions to MSc Physics Program, that the date of submission of application is extended until 30 Sep 2018 4 pm.
Link to Original Admission Call 

Bus Notice

isms | 26 September, 2018 12:54

Tender Notice for Lab Equipments Supply

isms | 26 September, 2018 11:02

काठमाडौं विश्वविद्यालय (EEBDN Project) को लागी Lab Equipments सप्लाई गर्ने बारेको सूचना

यस विश्वविद्यालयको धुलिखेल परिसरमा तपशिलमा उल्लेख गरिए अनुसारको Lab Equipments आवश्यक भएकोले इच्छुक फर्महरुले तपशिलमा उल्लेखीत कागजात तथा Specification अनुसार के कति मूल्यमा उपलब्ध गराउन सक्ने हो, सो को शिलबन्दि प्रस्ताव यो सूचना प्रकाशित भएको मितिले ७ दिन भित्र कार्यालय खुला रहेको कार्यालय समय भित्र आइपुग्ने गरि प्रस्ताव दर्ता गर्न यो सुचना प्रकाशित गरिएको छ ।







Temperature, Humidity Data Logger


HOBO MX 1101 Temperature/RH Data Logger


Temperature, Humidity Data Logger


HOBO MX 2301 Temperature/RH Data Logger


Temperature, Humidity Data Logger


HOBO UX 100-011 Temperature/RH Data Logger


Thermal Camera


Mobile Mounted Thermal Camera (For iOS)


स्कूल अफ् इन्जिनियरिङ्ग, धुलिखेल, काभ्रे

(आवस्यक कागजातहरु)

  • रजिष्टर्ड फर्म कंपनिको प्रमाण पत्रको प्रतिलिपि    
  • सामानहरुको ९ख्ब्त् सहित) मूल्य       
  • नविकरणसहितको फर्म दर्ता प्रमाणपत्रको प्रतिलिपि    
  • मूल्यअभिबृद्धि कर दर्ता प्रमाणपत्रको प्रतिलिपि तथा पछिल्लो पटक ०७४÷७५को कर चुत्ता गरेको प्रमाण पत्रको प्रतिलिपि

काठमाडौं विश्वविद्याालय, धुलिखेल, काभ्रे
पो. ब.नं.  ६२५०
फोनः ०११ ४१५००१
फ्याक्सः ०११ ४१५०११
E-mail: procurement@ku.edu.np


Fee Payment Date Extension Notice for Undergraduate Students

isms | 25 September, 2018 11:17


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Link to Original Fee Notice 


Notice of Bus Service for Morning Classes

isms | 21 September, 2018 13:34


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