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Notice for Instruments Supply for IFS Project

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } List of Instruments & specification: 1. Bacteriological Incubator: Capacity: 45 liter Double walled glass window for easy inspection Temperature up to 70...

Notice for SDACM-111b Bomb Calorimeter (Single Control) Supply

Notice for Biotech Equipments Supply

Notice for Computer Supply

Notice for 100 KVA Transformer Installation

Call for quotation for Wall Construction

Notice for LCD Projector Supply

Notice for Total Station and Single Prism Set

Notice for Lab Flooring

Notice for Water Treatment Plant

Notice for Maintenance

Tender Notice for Construction and Maintenance Materials

Notice for Concrete Mixture Supply

Quotation Notice for Sports Materials

Notice for Supply Sport Materials

sf7df8f+} ljZjljBfnosf] nfuL Sports Materials ;KnfO{ ug]{ af/]sf] ;"rgf   o; ljZjljBfnosf]] nflu s]lx  Sports Materials   cfj:os ePsf]n] OR5's kmd{x?n] tklzndf pnn]lvt  Lists  cg';f/sf]  ;fdfgx? s] slt d"Nodf pknAw...
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