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editorial | 24 March, 2017 12:44

International Conference of Literary Association of Nepal (1-2 March 2017), Dhulikhel, Nepal

Mr. Khagendra Acharya and Dr. Hem Raj Kafle, Assistant Professors at the Humanities and Management Unit (HMU), presented a joint research paper entitled “Personal Experience with Violence: Maoist Partisans’ Narratives about Eventful Happenings.” The paper reported the findings of the study of book-length creative non-fictions that presented personal experiences of the erstwhile Maoist partisans engaged in the party’s activities during the people's war.

Mr. Punya Prasad Koirala and Mr. Haris Chand Adhikari, Lecturers at HMU, also participated in the two-day Conference.

South Asian Literature Festival (24-26 February 2017), Delhi, India

Mr. Eak Prasad Duwadi, Assistant Professor at HMU, spoke on “Spreading Peace and Tranquility in the World” and presented a poem entitled “Teacher”. The Festival was organized by Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature in collaboration with the SAARC Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Council for Cultural Relations and India International Centre.

International Conference on Language, Ethnicity, and Identity: 21st Century Perspectives (11-12 February 2017), Tinsukia, Assam, India

Dr. Hem Raj Kafle and Mr. Punya Prasad Koirala presented their research works in the two-day international conference organized by the Assam Chapter of English Language Teachers Association India (ELT@I) in Tnsukia College, Assam.

Dr. Kafle’s paper entitled “Nationalist Sensibility in Mahila Baje’s Netbook,” a rhetorical analysis of blogposts,  discussed how different aspects of Nepali nationalism were represented in the writings of Mahila Baje, an anonymous Nepali blogger, during October 2015-March 2016), a period of political and economic turmoil in Nepal following the promulgation of the Constitution. 

Mr. Koirala’s  work entitled “Women in the Armed Conflict: A Study in Selected Stories from Nepal,” examined the nature of women’s engagement in the armed conflict during the Maoist-led people’s war in Nepal. 


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