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Opportunities at Aquatic Ecology Centre (AEC)

isms | 21 August, 2017 11:29

Opportunities at Aquatic Ecology Centre (AEC), School of Science, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel

Aquatic Ecology Centre (AEC) at Kathmandu University was established in the year 2003 with the objective of improving academic activities through research and scientific networking. It also aims to impart training and provide analytical services to individuals, governments and non-governmental organizations in the field of physico-chemical and biological soil and water quality examination.  The Centre got officially recognized as equivalent to a Department under the School of Science in the year 2009 following a decision of Executive Council‘s meeting (Meeting reference 376) held on dated the 27 March 2009 (2065 Chaitra 14).   It was decided that the AEC shall have Dean of School of Science as Chairperson and the Centre shall be administered under a Management Committee with Director of the Centre as the Member Secretary and three members (Project coordinator, Researcher, and representative from Finance Division).


AEC is at present administering / jointly collaboratively following projects with the titles given;


  1.        The fate of organic carbon in small mountain rivers in Nepal: Implications for soil erosion and climate change.
  2.        Capacity building in sustainability and environmental management.
  3.        Longitudinal observation study on effectiveness of existing household and community level water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions on health vulnerability to climate in Jiri, Nepal.
  4.       Sustainable natural resource management for climate change adaptation in the Himalayan region: A collaborative project among Norway, Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan.
  5.       Sustainable, just and productive water resources development in western Nepal under current and future.



AEC announces positions available as follows, project based, for an initial period of one year, with possibility of extension for another three years (except internship, which is for six months with possibility of extension for another six months).


Director of Aquatic Ecology Centre (AEC):

Individual applying as a Director of AEC must have proven ability to attract external research grants, and also good networking capacity for attracting clients for the analysis of soil and water samples at its Soil and Water Analysis Laboratory, and offer supervision to Graduate level students in bioassessment. Highly competent person who is determined to contribute in the field of Aquatic Ecology in developing countries with wise and proper use of available services at the centre may apply for this position.

The Director should be a permanent faculty member from any Department within the School of Science currently at Associate Professor level or above and have worked on projects earlier administered by AEC. This is a volunteer position unless AEC is prepared to initiate its own undergraduate/graduate level programs, however work load negotiation is possible in consultation with the concerned Head of the Department.



Laboratory In-charge:

AEC invites Lab In – charge, who is responsible to operate specialised instruments at AEC such as Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatograph, Total Organic Carbon Analyser etc.  This is an excellent opportunity for those enrolled at School of Science for a MS by Research, M.Phil/Ph.D. and looking for a specialised laboratory to analyse their samples and get further trained during the process. Lab In-charge will also be responsible to order consumable supplies, attract clients with samples for analysis, produce analysis report and get the signature of the Director as Authorized Signatory.


Undergraduate Internship:

AEC also invites two internship positions for two Undergraduate level students who have completed or near to completion from School of Science, Kathmandu University. Interns are required to have prior knowledge of standard methods for analysis of soil and water.



Please submit an application addressed to the Director, Aquatic Ecology Centre or email with the attachment to aec@ku.edu.np, no later than 13 September 2017. For interns, last date of submission of application  is 1 Sept 2017.


Shortlisted candidates shall be called for further negotiation and agreement.


 Signed by:


Dean, School of Science

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