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Tender Notice of Sanitary Works

isms | 24 May, 2018 10:25




The Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall Block (21) at KU – Complex, Dhulikhel, Kavre

Job No. : KU-1821-01

Package-III : Sanitary Works


First Date of Publication:- 19th May 2018, Saturday


1.       Kathmandu University (KU), Dhulikhel, Kavre, invites sealed bids among the registered eligible contractors for Sanitary Works in Multi-Purpose Hall Block (21) at its premise.


2.       Bidding documents can be purchased from Kathmandu University on the submission of a written application along with updated attested copies of the bidder’s registration, VAT/PAN and Tax clearance certificate up to F/Y 2073/074 with under mentioned non-refundable amount on or before 21st day (8th June 2018, Friday) from the first date of publication of this notice.


3.       Bid must be submitted to the office of the KU at Dhulikhel on or before 14:00 hours on 23rd day (10th June 2018, Sunday) from the first date of publication of notice along with required Bid Security mentioned in the table below. Documents received after this deadline shall not be entertained.


Contract No.

Name of the Contract/Project

Price of Bidding


Minimum Bid Security Amount



Package-III : Sanitary Works



Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall Block (21)


NPR. 5,000.00

(Rupees Five Thousand only)


2.5% (Two and half percent)of Bid Amount including VAT

Valid up to

Oct 7, 2018


4.       The bidders may purchase the hard copy of bidding documents and submit their bids as specified in the Instructions to Bidders.  The Bidder shall be required to deposit the non-refundable amount in the mentioned bank account with the Bank deposit voucher (Bank: Nepal Investment Bank, Banepa Branch, Account No.: 00501030250009 shall be submitted along with the bid documents.


5.       Bids shall be opened in the presence of bidder’s representative who chooses to attend at 13:00 hours on 24th  day (11th June 2018, Monday) from the first date of publication of notice at KU office, Dhulikhel, Kavre.


6.       Pre-bid meeting will be held at the KU office, Dhulikhel, Kavre on 14th day (1st  June 2018, Friday) from the first date of publication of notice at 11:00 A.M. All interested bidders are encouraged to attend this meeting.


7.       The matter not specified in this notice and Bid documents shall be as per prevailing law (Public Procurement Act 2063) of Nepal and also the University Financial Regulation.


8.       If the last date of purchasing, submission and opening falls on a Public holiday, it  shall be extended to the next working day.


9.       KU reserves the right to accept or reject, wholly or partly any or all the bids without assigning any reason, whatsoever.


10.    Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents from the CED Office of KU; Telephone No. 011-661399, 011-661511 & 9801-210035.





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