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Establishment of the DoEEE/NORAD Endowment Fund

isms | 13 August, 2018 10:59

Establishment of the DoEEE/NORAD Endowment Fund

Kathmandu University Executive Committee has recently approved the establishment of the DoEEE/NORAD Endowment Fund which can be used for the following activities of faculty and students at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


i)              Major activity funded for student(s),

a)     Innovative Research and Project

b)     Rural/Community Life Enhancement Project

c)     New Product Patent Support


ii)             Major activity supported for faculty,

a)     Research and Innovation

b)     Tranning and Impact Enhancement

c)     Corporate and Community Networking for academic development

d)     Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Support

The fund has been established to support faculty and student(s) for the innovative research, academic activities as well as to support in extreme humanitarian condition. DoEEE has already allocated 5 Million Nepalese Rupees from the various Projects and other activities conducted under the supervision and partnership of DoEEE with national/international institutions. The target of DoEEE/NORAD endowment funds is to raise 10 Million Nepalese Rupees in future.


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