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MoU signed between Department of Mechanical Engineering and eNABLE Nepal

isms | 30 December, 2018 09:55

Department of Mechanical Engineering (DoME), School of Engineering, Kathmandu University signed a MoU with eNABLE Nepal, Sinamangal on 26 December, 2018. Associate Professor Daniel Tuladhar, Head of the Department signed the MoU on behalf of DoME whereas Mr. Narayan Prasad Koirala, chairman signed on behalf of eNABLE Nepal. Professor Bhola Thapa, Asst. Professor Pratisthit Lal Shrestha from KU and Mr. Surendra Shrestha, Mr. Dinesh Rajbhandari, Mr. Samod Shrestha and Ms. Soni Shrestha form eNABLE Nepal were present during the signing. eNABLE Nepal has been working to rehabilitate people with amputated hand by providing them with a custom designed 3D printed functional prosthetic hand. <<Read More>>


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