KathmandKathmandu Univesity, Silver Jubilee Celebration 2016

Celebrating 25th anniversary of the establishment of any institution not only marks its long history, but also projects the success story of that institution.

Kathmandu University has been marking its Silver Jubilee Celebration organizing a number of activities throughout the year 2016. The University has formed a 222-member apex committee under the chairmanship of Rt. Hon'ble Prime Minister and the Chancellor Mr. K. P. Sharma Oli. To mark the grand celebration, the University has also formed an executive committee and sub-committees and delineated their respective activities.

As per the mission 'to provide quality education for leadership' Kathmandu University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1991. The vision of this institution is "to become a world-class university devoted to bringing knowledge and technology to the service of mankind". Today, we feel honoured to see that we are heading towards achieving the mission and vision. Positive impacts of our programs and graduates to the public and community have been visible. The University is producing graduates in the fields of Science, Engineering, Management, Arts, Education and Medical Sciences annually.

Currently, there are around 15,000 students in almost 150 programs in the University’s seven Schools and 16 affiliated and extended colleges. There are more than 1500 faculties and staffs working in the University.

Kathmandu University feels very happy to announce a new slogan for 2030 on the auspicious occasion, which is "Quality with Visibility, Touchability, and Transferability". We believe that knowledge transformations have to be applicable in our lives; it should be implementable in the areas of our interest; and also it should be reached at the needy community where the acquired knowledge can be used. The development of Information, Technology and Communication (ICT) is a vital influencing factor that makes it possible to convert our dreams into reality in the days to come.

Finally, although 25 years do not make a very long duration for the development of an institution like a university, the period could be a life-long journey for leaving remarkable footprints of an individual in the organizational career. We look forward to continued dedication and support from all KU family members - teachers, staffs and students - and other stakeholders for further upliftment of the university. Thank You.