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Workshop on “Need and Prospects of CoE at TTL for Hydro Turbine Development in Nepal”

With the aim to contribute to hydropower development at National and Regional level, KU aims to develop a Center of Excellence (CoE) at TTL. There is a need to build a strong networking and motivation among the stakeholders and beneficiaries in order to establish and operate the CoE. The workshop is organized as a kickoff of rigorous discussions and partnership building for achieving short-term and long-term goals of the CoE. The workshop also aims to insure visibility and impact of KU in bringing knowledge to the development of society.


Date and Venue:

Monday, August 07, 2017 (Shrawan 23, 2074)

CV Raman Auditorium and Senate Hall

Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel



  • Identify criteria and scope of CoE in general and its mandate in particular for TTL-KU.
  • Build network and partnership between the relevant stakeholders for development of CoE at TTL contributing to overall hydropower development in Nepal.
  • Evaluate the problems and challenges related to turbine manufacturing, testing, operation and maintenance in context of Nepal.
  • Identify potential role of CoE to contribute to hydropower development in Nepal.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Definition of the CoE and its success indicators.
  • Proposed name and management structure for the CoE.
  • Scope of work for the CoE and prioritized activities to meet the national interests.
  • Proposed startup activities and milestones for the CoE.
  • Resolutions for cooperation in development of the CoE at TTL.

Potential Participants:

  • Nepal Electricity Authority, DoED
  • Investors and Developers (IPPAN, HIDCL, NMHDA, BPC, NHA, Chilime, Sanima, Arun valley, others)
  • Turbine repair and maintenance (NHE, 3MW, Cream Hydel, Others)
  • Government agencies (AEPC, NAST, Ministries, others)
  • Experts, Consultants and Free-lancers associated in this field
  • Other academic and research institutes (IOE, others)
  • Relevant faculty and researchers from KU 


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