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In-house CAD Training held at TTL

2nd February 2013


Turbine Testing Lab (TTL) successfully completed the “In-house CAD Training Programme using CATIA” from 26 January to 31 January 2014. The training was organized with an aim to give the basic knowledge of CATIA (a popular CAD modelling software) to the interested individuals so that they can use it in their academic works and research. A total of eight participants took the training including researchers, students and staff from Mechanical Engineering Department. The training course included the introduction to CATIA, its application, basic tools, part design techniques, generative surface design and drafting methods. The course was delivered through various tutorials and demonstrations. A practice session was held for the last two days of the training during which the participants were encouraged to use the software by themselves to complete the given assignments and tutorials and take help from the instructor regarding any problem. Mr. Nikhel Gurung, researcher at TTL, was the instructor during the training. 


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