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Dhulikhel, Kavre

Information sharing program with Nepal Micro Hydro Development Association (NMHDA) on “Feasibility Study for Turbine Manufacturing and Testing Facility in Nepal” was successfully conducted by Turbine Testing Lab on August 15, 2012 Wednesday at Mini auditorium, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. The members of NMHDA and  Turbine Testing Lab (TTL) had participated in the program. The program was an initiation for the establishment of standards for micro hydro turbines that are manufactured in Nepal. Stakeholders, NHMDA and TTL, were positive to this initiation and showed enthusiasm to develop this sector further.

The main objective of the program was to create a bond between Kathmandu University and turbine manufacturers in Nepal, through an open floor discussion on viability of establishing testing facilities for micro hydro turbines at TTL.

The program was initiated with guest welcoming and introduction by Mr. Biraj Singh Thapa, Faculty In-charge at TTL. It was followed by the introduction of the participants, where they expressed their expectations from TTL and the meeting. The participants highlighted on the need of certification of turbines, manufactured in the country. Mr. Thapa further continued with the introduction of TTL and overview of the program.

Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa, Dean, School of Engineering addressed the gathering by centering the severe need of establishing testing and certification facilities in the country, and hence requested the participants to focus on this. He further proposed to consider on the endeavor that could be put up for the development of Francis turbine at national level. He strongly requested to exclude out the discussion of financial aspect for testing facility due to its unfeasibility.

The practical difficulty for transportation and installation of turbines for testing and the cost that followed were expressed in the discussion. The process of standardization was proposed to be started by forming a team of Kathmandu University, turbine manufacturers and government agencies for certifying, approving and authorizing respectively. Efficiency, shaft output, rated speed were identified to be few major criteria that should be considered in testing. TTL was requested to conduct a non-research based test at the lab for common understanding and knowledge of standardization process.

Mr. Surendra Mathema, President of NMHDA assimilated that the general interest of the members was the prospect of developing Francis turbines at micro hydro level. He requested everyone to mutually cooperate with Kathmandu University for technology sharing in this regard.

Later, Mr. Biraj Singh Thapa presented the ongoing research activities at TTL and achievements till date at the laboratory itself. A guided tour of the TTL facilities  was also facilitated by Mr. Thapa.

The participants agreed to initiate turbine testing at TTL, setting up minimum criteria that are currently in practice and later add up on the process by necessary Research and Development. The meeting concluded on approving the necessary procedures for testing in the next gathering.


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