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Current Research in Hydraulic Turbine

Current Research in Hydraulic Turbines (CRHT) is an effort of TTL to create a platform for aspiring researchers from hydropower sector to share their ideas and information regarding their research activities. This event has been held for the eight times.
Please follow the links below to learn more about particular CRHT.
CRHT-I - 2010
CRHT-II - 2011   Information
CRHT-III - 2013  Information
CRHT-IV - 2014   Information   Presentations
CRHT-V - 2015    Information   Presentations
CRHT-VI - 2016   Information   News    Full Papers 
CRHT-VII- 2017   Information   News    Presentations   Full Papers
CRHT-VIII- 2018  Information   News    Presentations   Full Papers
CRHT-IX- 2019     Information


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