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Generating support from all sections of society is the basic principle involved in financing the development and operating costs of the university. The University is in fact supported by all the major stakeholders e.g. the government, business community, the general public, and students.

There are two major cost components involved in financing the university. The first is the operating expenses, which to a major extent is being covered by the tuition fees charged to the students. The second is the capital expenditure required to fund the construction of basic infrastructure. It is but obvious that this cost cannot be generated from tuition fees and therefore other sources have to be explored.

Proposal for Financing University's Development Program

  • Land Procurement -Government and Local Municipality
  • Building Construction - Donations, Loan
  • Landscaping and internal finishing. .-Indigenous as well as foreign sources
  • Equipment, Books, Journals. - Donations, University resources.
  • Scholarships, Fellowships. - External assistance, Endowment,
  • Research grants - Private donations, Government.
  • Operating Expenses (Salaries, Office expenses, consumable, maintenance etc.) Tuition, Fees.

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