Major Donors


KU being a non-governmental institution, it depends mostly on the generous support of national and International donors, INGOs, government, and local communities. Following are the major national and international donors:

  • National:

    The national donors are Dhulikhel/Banepa /Panauti Municipalities and its community around the campus, HMG/N, UGC, Mr. Rana Bahadhur Shah, Mr. Mohan Gopal Khetan, Mercantile Group of Companies and others.

  • International:

    The international donors are United Mission to Nepal (UMN), Norwegian Development Agency (NORAD), Norwegian Himal Asia Mission (NHAM), SINTEF (Norway), Happy House Foundation (HHF-Switzerland), Yamaji Fumiko Culture Foundation (Japan), Mr. Komatsubara Kenji (Japan), Royal Danish Embassy (Nepal), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC-Nepal), and Indian Embassy (Nepal).