Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence

This program is intended to provide a comprehensive knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to undergraduate students with the help of adequate practical training. This program also nurtures students with the help of project-based learning and provides real-world experiences to them via an internship program. BTech in AI graduates can apply AI techniques and methods in companies and institutions with large amounts of data to implement data-driven decision making. They can therefore operate in the various data analysis phases and build automatic and efficient machine-learning systems. The program begins withintroductory courses in Programming, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics to build a firm technical foundation. Later, the students will learn core AI concepts and techniques including state-space search, game-playing, Machine Learning, Neural networks, Computer vision, Language Understanding, and more complex subjects.


The objectives of this program are listed below.

  • To provide fundamental knowledge of mathematical, programming, and modeling algorithms to undergraduate students.
  • To develop a sound theoretical knowledge in the AI domain besides mastering statistical and computer skills.
  • To emphasize the ability to implement Artificial Intelligence algorithms, making them operational within the company and efficiently analyzing even large amounts of data.
  • To implement active learning on various topics through practical exercises and laboratories, as well as project works. (Interactions between courses carried out both in series and in parallel are also promoted by the transversal case study analysis).
  • To empower students with quality and value-based education promoting professional leadership and entrepreneur skills.
  • To network with various research organizations, universities and industries for possible collaboration.
  • To advance AI knowledge that will significantly contribute to the sustainable development of communities and the industries in the region.

Career Prospects

The career prospects for this program are huge and our graduates can find many job opportunities in various sectors of research organizations, IT industries, and the academia. With the advance of digitalization and the ever-increasing role played by data, the use of AI technologies has nowadays penetrated almost every industrial sector: from finance to biological technologies, from Industry 4.0 to the energy sector. The undergraduate program aims at developing qualified workforce capable of supporting companies and institutions for this challenge, particularly from the perspective of the quantitative analysis of data and hence by intensifying their competitiveness and innovation. The various jobs that our students can assume after graduating from this program are listed below.

  • Machine/Deep learning Expert/Analyst
  • AI professional
  • AI specialist
  • Analytics consultant
  • Technology consultant


  • Not available