Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education


Teacher preparation in the modern era has been a challenging task. Due to the rapid development on various dimensions (such as content knowledge, pedagogical aspect, and technological integrations) of teacher professional development, it has been difficult to cover several important areas while preparing teachers in general, and in school mathematics particularly. The quantitative growth, in terms of several teacher development institutions, has not been able to bring qualitative development in the areas of teacher development in Nepal. In the pursuit of education, the public sector, as well as the private one, has made substantial investments in school education in general and Mathematics Education in particular, without much satisfying result. There are several issues in mathematics education such as negative public image, students’ decreasing interest, unsatisfactory national achievement, very limited resources, and so on. There could be various reasons behind such scenarios. One of the major causes of low mathematics attainment of school students is the lack of quality mathematics teacher development programs and appropriate mathematics teaching materials due to the lack of skilled, informed, creative and motivated teacher educators and material developers.

Considering these issues into account, Kathmandu University, School of Education, launched a two-year M. Ed. in Mathematics Education in February 2006 and has been offering courses on mathematics education to produce quality teachers, teacher educators, material developers, and researchers. The program has been running smoothly and our graduates have been absorbed in reputed positions in their respective fields both within Nepal and abroad. The illumination of knowledge in school education in general and in mathematics education, in particular, has been mounting day by day. From the experiences of the last few years, KSUOED has developed the courses for Post Graduate Diploma in Education (specialization in Mathematics Education) intending to produce skillful mathematics teachers from the perspectives of STEAM and ICT education.