PhD in Educational Leadership



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) in Educational Leadership is a rigorous program of advanced study and research. This program intends to produce graduates with the capacity to conduct research independently at a high level of originality and quality. This program offers the candidates with substantial grounding in high quality research and analytical skills in educational leadership.  The program aims at cultivating critical, discursive, analytical, creative, and innovative skills of graduates through sharing, reflecting, advocating, researching, and theorizing on the contemporary issues, policies, research works and practices of educational leadership. The program further aims to garnish the advanced research skills of national and international scholars whose research works could be example to improve practices in their professions and could contribute to the education sector at local, national, and global levels.


By completing PhD in Educational Leadership program, research students are expected to demonstrate:

  • a capacity to design, conduct and report independent and original research in the area of educational leadership
  • a sound understanding of contemporary issues, policies, research works and practices of educational leadership and reflect their practices
  • a capacity for critical judgment of relevant scholarly literature and theories to locate direction and dimension of the area of study
  • well-developed, critical, discursive, analytical, creative, and innovative skills for solving problems in the area of study
  • the ability to analyze and interpret research information as per the ethos of paradigm(s), methodologies and methods employed in their research
  • the capacity to share effectively the results of research and scholarship by oral and written communication
  • a sound understanding of scholarly conventions in their fields of study
  • a capacity to collaborate with other researchers and organizations
  •  an ability to manage information effectively, including the application of computer systems, software and online databases
  • the capacity to advocate research-based decisions making

Possible course

In case of candidates requiring specific course works, they will be offered one or more out of the following list as recommended by the supervisor(s).

EDUC 600 Educational Dimensions

EDUC 620 Research Methods

Educ 621 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods or

Educ 622 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods

EDLE 621 Theories and Practice in Educational Leadership

EDLE 632 Organizational Theory/Development and Organization Behavior

EDLE 642 Human Resource Management and Development in Education

EDLE 652 Policy and Governance for Educational Leadership

EDUC 640 Mixed Methods Research

EDUC 650 Transformative Education Research and Practice

EDUC 660 Participatory Action Research

EDUC 644 Statistical Methods in Education and Social Science Research

EDUC 611 Academic Writing and Research


  • Not available