Student Club

There are several inter-departmental as well as intra-departmental student clubs in KU. These clubs operate under the umbrella of Student Welfare Council and assist the students in event organizations, skill development, and social interaction.

List of clubs registered for the activities of FY 2018-019 at Kathmandu University Student Welfare, Dhulikhel Campus, Dhulikhel:

Inter-Departmental Clubs:

  1. AIESEC Kathmandu University
  2. Amnesty International Nepal Kathmandu University Youth Network (AIKUYN)
  3. Kathmandu University Robotics Club (KURC)
  4. Kathmandu University Youth Red Cross Circle (KUYRCC)
  5. KU Society of Music and Culture (KUSMC)
  6. Rotaract Club of Kathmandu University (RTC-KU)

Departmental Clubs:

  1. Association of Mechanical Engineering Students (AMES)
  2. Forum for Environmental Conservation and Management (FECAM)
  3. Forum For Pharmacy (FoP)
  4. Geomatics Engineering Society (GES)
  5. KU Biotechnology Creatives (KUBiC)
  6. Kathmandu University Circle of Noble Chemineers (KUCONC)
  7. Kathmandu University Computational Mathematics Club (KUCMC)
  8. Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC)
  9. KU Civil Engineering Club (KUCEC)
  10. Natural and Social Concern Society (NSCS)
  11. Society for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (SEEE)
  12. Society of Business Information Students (SBIS)